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21 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from MatchMaker Software

26 Aug 2015

Government Crackdown on Compliance

Compliance has always been a major pain point for recruitment businesses and there’s no relief in sight. Following the immigrant worker blitz at sandwich manufacturer Greencore’s factory in which 32 illegal workers were seized, the Immigration Minister has pledged to crack down on illegal immigrant workers using “the full force of government machinery”. Greencore, a supplier of sandwiches to Waitrose, M&S, and Sainsbury’s among others, now faces a possible £20,000 fine per worker.

The agency involved in supplying the seized workers obviously stands to suffer a heavy loss, in fact a loss or fine of this magnitude is enough to flatten the average recruitment consultancy so the question you must ask yourselves is this – how does this happen, and how can I prevent it? Read more

23 Jun 2015

Your Contacts are Candidates – a unified database and unified search.

A candidate is not always an applicant who sends you their CV.  Right now 8 out of 10 capable, candidates are not looking for work, the reality is the right Candidate is probably not looking for a job right now.  We are therefore forced to accept that the right candidate is someone who, whether looking or not, is suitable for your client’s role.

Contacts are Candidates, Candidates can be Contacts.  In short, people are people but does your recruitment software let you manage them that way? Read more

05 Jun 2015

The Year of the Candidate

During recent years, especially due to the recession, the job market has been particularly vacancy driven – candidates are plentiful, jobs have been thin on the ground and frustration has been rife. Now, with the turnaround in the economy and job market recovery, focus has turned back towards the candidate and thanks to social media the candidate’s journey through the recruitment process has never been more visible. Read more

12 Mar 2014

Recruitment Agency Expo 2014

It was our first time attending the Recruitment Agency Expo and everyone at MatchMaker Software would like to extend our thanks Read more

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