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Epsilon internet recruitment

Integrate directly with your existing website

Our latest innovation in internet recruitment software

Epsilon is a software solution that enables you to publish jobs on your company website with no technical knowledge or HTML required.

Epsilon can handle all of your online timesheeting needs with no extra per-timesheet cost.

Epsilon captures applicants into a secure talent-bank database, which grows to support future recruitment.

Epsilon allows candidates to apply securely online and re-visit at any stage to update their details and CV.

Epsilon automatically sends customized job-alerts by email, informing candidates of new vacancies which match their criteria.

Epsilon provides professional management tools to empower and support the recruitment function of your business.

Vacancies in your MatchMaker database are published or withdrawn from your website instantaneously at the press of one button.

You have total control to change content of published opportunities in real-time.

You can create your own online questionnaires, to optimise your time screening unsuitable applicants.

You have automated email acknowledgements and correspondence, saving time and enhancing your reputation with clients and candidates.

You can log and manage the entire process from application through to final appointment.

Epsilon integrates with your IT platform and Microsoft applications to optimise productivity.

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