Wake up your website

Why replace your website when Epsilon can make it interactive?

Epsilon allows candidates and clients to work with you wherever they are, 24 hours a day. Candidate, Client & Job Portals with instant updating.

Online Onboarding

Everything you need for a fast-moving temp business. Power to handle the volume, speed to get the job done.

One-Click Job Posting

Manage the present, plan for the future and report on the past. Any type of contractor, any length of contract.

Online Timesheets

Assignment based recruitment for search and selection. One of the few which is truly designed for your business.


Online Timesheets

Epsilon can handle all of your online timesheeting needs with no extra per-timesheet cost. Massive time-savings and increased accuracy can transform timesheet processing. Unlimited volumes and zero cost of capture.

Your timesheets can be configured to match your needs as well as those of your candidates and clients. Whether that means time-based inputs, hours, days, individual rates, Epsilon gives you the tools to support your process.