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Corporate e-Recruitment

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Corporate e-Recruitment

More and more organisations are recognising that a company website can be a major recruitment tool – an interactive communications channel between a company and future employees.

Today’s greater willingness to apply for jobs and careers online and to log CV’s speculatively means job seekers now have much higher expectations of online career pages, making it all the more important for companies to optimise the applicant experience when applying for a job. MatchMaker Software can help ensure that your organisation gets the most from your website investment.

An attractive, simple to use, secure program that saves you time, money and streamlines your recruitment process while raising your profile as an ‘Employer of choice’; Epsilon innovatively and cost effectively combines plug-in software with our MatchMaker candidate database and sits discreetly behind your website Careers or Jobs button.

Applications from the company website are pooled into one central, self-managed candidate database, a process we refer to as Talent Banking and can then be controlled, shared or distributed throughout your organisation by use of secure logins and permissions.

Our cost effective e-recruitment solutions are capable of reducing the cost of hire as well as speeding up and simplifying the process. It is simple, easy and effective, harnessing and deploying our existing tried and tested Internet and recruitment technology.

All this is packaged with a streamlined, intuitive user interface; it’s easy to learn and does not require prohibitive IT resource, investment or know-how to achieve the desired result.

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