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Seamlessly connected

Supercharge your productivity with MatchMaker and your website working in perfect harmony. No delays, no update errors... just a rock-solid integration that updates in real-time.

Benefits of Epsilon

We created Epsilon to overcome the common problems – and costs - often experienced when integrating your website with your database. Epsilon enables a rock-solid integration you can rely upon completely.

Streamlined workflow for everyone

Streamlined workflow for everyone

Candidates can easily update their details and submit timesheets. Clients can easily approve timesheets and view useful MI. And your consultants receive real-time updates throughout..

Automated<br />Job Posting

Job Posting

Vacancies in your MatchMaker database are published or withdrawn from your website instantaneously. .

Application<br />Tracking


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Email<br />Job Alerts

Job Alerts

Automatically send customised job-alerts by email, informing candidates of new vacancies which match their criteria.

Online<br />Onboarding


Digital signatures • GDPR checks • Duplicate checks • CV and document upload • Automated reference collection • Automated welcome emails and application packs • All written straight to your database with live notifications for your candidates and consultants to take next steps.

Online<br />Timesheets


Unlimited volumes and zero cost of capture.
Your timesheets can be configured to match your needs as well as those of your candidates and clients. Whether that means time-based inputs, hours, days, individual rates, Epsilon gives you the tools to support your process.

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