A complete end-to-end solution, from registration to invoicing. Streamline your entire process and let consultants concentrate on making placements.


Everything you need for a fast-moving temp business. Power to handle the volume, speed to get the job done.


Manage the present, plan for the future and report on the past. Any type of contractor, any length of contract.


Assignment based recruitment for search and selection. One of the few which is truly designed for your business.


Struggling to find software which does everything you do? With specialist modules for the above services, you can have what you want, in the quantities you need.


Epsilon integrates your website for candidates and clients. Auriga adds mobile technology for candidates on the move. Software, website and mobiles, in one real-time database.


Menu-driven tools allow you to tweak MatchMaker to suit your business. Our industry experts are on hand to help when needed.

Class-Leading MI

Custom dashboards, KPI’s and a wide range of reports provide outstanding Management Information. Tiered reporting informs every desk at every level.


Executive Search & Selection

With in-built support for the executive search process, including research tools, target lists, assignment management and interaction with candidates, clients and sources, all data relating to a particular recruitment exercise is held within that assignment’s own ‘wrapper’, allowing quick and easy access to key information, exactly where you would expect to find it.

Secure access for national and international networks, including remote and home workers, ensures that your researchers and consultants can access up-to-date information at all times.

By adding Epsilon, you can provide fully integrated candidate and client services directly from your own website, extending your reach nationally or globally to 24/7, 365 days a year.

There are a multitude of staff agency systems but there are few products that truly support executive search. MatchMaker Executive and Epsilon are amongst the best that do and we would be pleased to discuss your needs and how we can provide you with that competitive advantage.

The MatchMaker Executive and Epsilon combination is designed specifically for you, bringing together a world-class assignment database with an integrated Internet portal, email, telephone scripts and on-line questionnaires.

At its heart is a comprehensive assignment management system that reduces unnecessary administration and saves time. Applicant capture is fast and easy from ad’ response, email or from your own website, with telephone scripts, on-line questionnaires and postcode addressing to speed up the process and reduce costs. Candidate tracking, standard letters, email, reports and integrated diaries are all built around the assignment based model at the heart of your business.

What can we do for your business?

We can help you grow and win more business, handle more volume and reduce administration costs.

Achieving just one of these objectives, will ensure a healthy return on your investment. Helping you to achieve all four can give your business a real boost and set you apart from your competitors.