A complete end-to-end solution, from registration to invoicing. Streamline your entire process and let consultants concentrate on making placements.


Everything you need for a fast-moving temp business. Power to handle the volume, speed to get the job done.


Manage the present, plan for the future and report on the past. Any type of contractor, any length of contract.


Assignment based recruitment for search and selection. One of the few which is truly designed for your business.


Struggling to find software which does everything you do? With specialist modules for the above services, you can have what you want, in the quantities you need.


Epsilon integrates your website for candidates and clients. Auriga adds mobile technology for candidates on the move. Software, website and mobiles, in one real-time database.


Menu-driven tools allow you to tweak MatchMaker to suit your business. Our industry experts are on hand to help when needed.

Class-Leading MI

Custom dashboards, KPI’s and a wide range of reports provide outstanding Management Information. Tiered reporting informs every desk at every level.


Temporary Recruitment

MatchMaker sets the standard for other Temp software and is regarded by many as the best of its kind. Thousands of Temp Agency staff have used MatchMaker since its launch in 1987 and our broad client base includes single and multi-office companies, operating across all sectors including industrial, office, technical, financial, education, nursing, care and catering.

The MatchMaker Requirement Plan is unique. It works the way you do, providing a product that feels natural, robust and easy to use – vital in a fast-moving and busy agency.

If you currently use paper-based systems or spreadsheets, the potential time savings are enormous; if you already have a front-office system, we think we can beat it, because MatchMaker offers many user benefits and business advantages over ordinary temp database systems.

MatchMaker integrates everything in one system, from canvassing, registration, temp compliance and availability, to filling bookings, managing your work-plans and processing timesheets.

Add to that email, SMS text, top-class management reports with a data interface to several leading payroll systems and you have the perfect system to help you build your business and beat the competition.

It is no coincidence that MatchMaker fits your business so well – it was designed to make your life easier.