More and more candidates are using our candidate mobile app every day!

Engaging with your candidates is more important than ever but how can you do this efficiently.

In short, a mobile app. Response and engagement via text, phone call and email is constantly dwindling. However, mobile phone and app usage is on a constant upwards trend. This is where Auriga can help.

Our mobile candidate app gives your candidates the ability to check into and out of shifts, update their availability, submit timesheets and much more. It also allows them to be in easy communication with your consultants via in-app-message. You can find out more here.

This is one of the many reasons that over 10,000 candidates now actively use Auriga with their recruitment agencies.

If you're a candidate, ask you agency if they use Auriga.

If you're an agency, contact us now to find out how Auriga could help you engage with your candidates.