New Technology? Yes, please!

Expanding our software offerings into mobile app platforms has opened up new technologies for us to utilise, namely those that we now accept as standard on mobile phones. GPS, quality cameras and bio-metric capabilities have let us push our candidate/worker experience further than ever before.We do of course integrate with time and attendance devices but the availability of comparable, if not the same, technology in everyday mobile devices lets us plug this functionality directly into the MatchMaker database. Auriga makes use of several technologies when it comes time to check in or out of a shift, as long as the technology is present on the device itself, we can make use of it.

At the point of checking in or out of a shift bio-metric identification is required (where present), using the workers fingerprint, iris or face scan to ensure that the device has been unlocked by the appropriate person. Following that we can check location information via GPS to ensure they are actually on site and can then even use the device camera to ensure that they are in the appropriate area / building.

All these add up to a solution that ensures the right person is in the right place at the right time and all check-in information is captured directly in the MatchMaker Requirement Plan, ready to be processed and paid.Not only does this result in a secure solution integrated directly into your database but it also works towards a completely hands-off checking process for your consultants as all information is provided by the Candidate and synced to MatchMaker in real time.