Let the results come to you

Efficient users often extol the virtues of saved sets in MatchMaker as a corner stone of fast, effective use of the database. In our searches any combination or set of criteria can be saved for later and recalled when needed, and due to our capability to save the criteria themselves rather than the results they even re-run and update when we doing so. For years this has been an integral tool in a recruiters kit as the daily repetition of searches is replaced with up to date search information that is only a click or two away.

In MatchMaker 12 we have taken this even further, now removing the need to seek out the search screen almost altogether by bringing updates on your saved sets directly to your home menu. MatchMaker 12′s new Search Alerts will notify users of any changes to any saved sets that they have marked as “active” as soon as they log in, or whenever they choose so at the click of a button.

By constructing a list of active searches that cover the candidate, client, contact or job information of interest a user can now have updates to any part of the database delivered to them automatically. No more repeated searches, no more missed additions or registrations.

We foresee active searches and their alerts becoming even more useful as more legislation comes to pass, in particular the recent implementation of GDPR. As new processes, terms and fields are implemented tools such as this make it easier that ever to stay on top of the tracking management of information, it’s quality and movement, throughout your database.

Finding information on a database can sometimes be the most labour intensive part of using one. Not with saved sets and now even less so with Search Alerts, let MatchMaker do the lifting. For more information on how this works or a demonstration please get in touch here.