Looking for resources, we've got you covered

Alongside the launch of MatchMaker 12 we also launched a brand new service for all of our clients and users; the MatchMaker Hub. The hub is free to use and available to any MatchMaker user regardless of their MatchMaker version or module, and currently offers FAQs and downloadable template examples for administrators. Our vision for the hub going forward is one of a detailed training resource that consultants, managers and owners alike can use to build their MatchMaker knowledge and get more out of their software. To that end, we are putting the finishing touches on a series of videos that cover commonly asked questions on functionality and processes in MatchMaker. Each of these guides will cover a single subject in simple language and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, making self-management of software knowledge even easier and we will be looking to expand it even further from there. In the meantime, to get registered, existing users can visit the hub here and gain access to our FAQs, or contact us here for more information.