We are happy to announce our latest software integration, available now in MatchMaker 12 – Gmail.

We are always looking for more applications to integrate into our (and therefore, your) software environment and Gmail has been appearing as a part of a recruitment businesses environment more and more recently. Although a non-traditional approach to business email we thought it important to tie in the largest non-outlook email platform into the MatchMaker Recruitment Software suite, as such we can now offer the following in the same vein as our Outlook integration;

  • Sending via Gmail from within MatchMaker is now available, configurable in user options.
  • CV import can now read and import from your Gmail account, parsing and creating Candidate records in the same way as the standard Outlook import.
  • The Email Scanner can now scan your Gmail account for emails from your Candidates and Contacts, importing them into the relevant contact log in the same way as your current Outlook configuration does now.

We have added many more features to MatchMaker 12 since launch and plan to expand upon them even further, we will be sending a comprehensive update on the best recruitment software in the industry to our clients soon but if you would like more information, or have any questions then please do contact us here.